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Latest from the Blog

Cabbage & Mushroom Potstickers

I feel like anyone I talk to around my age has fond memories of frozen potstickers as a kid. When mom or dad were too busy to cook, getting to eat a mountain of pan fried pot stickers always felt like a small victory as a kid. While my taste preferences have evolved from my…

Hot Chicken Sandwhich

As long time readers of the blog will know, I live in Montréal, Québec. Montréal is a city known for its fantastic food scene with a broad variety of cultures contributing to make this a  wonderful food town. The restaurants are mostly reasonably priced and can be enjoyed by all. However, one thing that can…

Spring Chickpea & Fennel Salad

The sharp, cold air of winter is beginning to give way to the refreshing and rejuvenating air of spring here in Montréal; as I sit down to write this recipe I can peer out into what feels like the first hint of warmer months to come. The recipe today lines up well with spring time,…

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