Overnight Cauliflower & Tofu Tacos

I absolutely love Mexican food, I find the flavours and the textures to be so good. The combinations of spice, acidity, fattiness make it such a rich cuisine that I cannot get enough of. Unfortunately, up here in Canada we don’t have access to the same quality of Mexican food as could be found in […]

Instant Pot Bell Pepper & Squash Soup

Winter is here in Montréal, as I write this there is a layer of snow on the ground and the wind is bitingly cold. I love winter, I could never imagine living somewhere that didn’t have four pronounced seasons. Not only do I love the changing weather, but also the food to match. With winter […]

Cinnamon Sugar Apple Pancakes

About a month ago, in the beginning of October, we went  apple picking. This is something Mia and I like to do every year and we had the pleasure of going with some friends this year. While at the orchard of course we indulged in some delicious apple doughnuts, as any sane person would. The […]

Cheesy Polenta with Fall Vegetables

Polenta is a food that I did not discover until recently when my partner, Mia, made it for me. We ate it in a great dish where it was cooked with a lot of parmesan and topped with wonderful roasted mushrooms. However, every time we made polenta we struggled a bit. The polenta spattered everywhere […]


I am super excited about this week’s recipe. Growing up, cretons was one of my all time favourite foods. For those who don’t know, cretons is classic Quebécois food which is a meat spread. It is traditionally made with pork, onion, spices and bread crumbs. Cretons is a staple in Québecois breakfast and is often […]

Instant Pot Turmeric Spiced Split Peas

This week’s recipe is once again inspired by one of our local favourite restaurants, Queen Sheba. They are a wonderful local Ethiopian restaurant that has delicious food and a great ambiance. When we go, we always get the vegetarian platter, which has every single one of their vegetarian dishes, served on a massive plate for […]


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