Beef-less Beef & Broccoli

One thing that I have noticed is that a lot of vegetarian blogs do not cook using fake meat. However, I quite like fake meat. It is a nice treat now and then even if it is more processed than other protein options. However, if you are vegetarian simply because you don’t like meat then […]

Balsamic Brussels Sprout Salad

Up here in Canada, we are coming out of hibernation. We see the light at the end of the tunnel which has been a long, dark winter with COVID restrictions. With the changing weather also comes spring and summer time recipes! This week it is a delicious balsamic Brussels sprout salad with marinated tofu.  Typically […]

Paneer Stuffed Bell Peppers

I have been toying with the idea of writing a stuffed red bell pepper recipe for a while. Red bell peppers are probably the vegetable we cook with the most, we regularly buy 4-5 every week for a variety of different recipes. That is the beauty of them, they are extremely flavorful yet malleable and […]

Overnight Sweet Potato Hash

I love breakfast, it is my favourite meal of the day. So, any opportunity I have to eat brunch or brinner, I will jump all over it. This is a sweet potato hash, with a smoky tofu scramble on top, marinated overnight to make sure the flavour is bold. The dish is nicely tied together […]

Roasted Onion Hummus

As someone who prides themselves on trying to make a lot of things homemade, it was hard to rationalize why I had never tried to make my own hummus. I love to make homemade beans and I put hummus on my sandwiches– it seemed like a no brainer. Well, a few weeks back I decided […]

Saucy Pasta with Roasted Vegetables

This recipe was inspired by an Ottolenghi recipe that we made recently. We made Ottolenghi’s version of Puttanesca, a pasta dish with tomatoes, olives and capers. This recipe was special because he cooks the pasta in the sauce while it simmers. At the end of his recipe he says that once you try simmering pasta […]


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