Fresh Tomato Sauce with Bocconcini & Garlic Bread

There  are only three things in life that are certain: death, taxes and me consuming as many tomatoes as humanly possible during August and September. So, it should come to you as no surprise that over the past two weeks I have been cooking with lots of fresh tomatoes. This recipe here was crafted over […]

Summer Raspberry Salad

We are  back! I know the blog has been dormant for the month of August, but you can expect many more delicious recipes to come your way. I have had the privilege to take a long vacation and even if I have continued cooking, tinkering and eating I have not written down any of the […]

Sloppy Mia’s Sloppy Joes

My wonderful partner, Mia, loves Sloppy Joes. She grew up deep in the midwestern United States in Minnesota, and while she doesn’t have many midwestern quirks, I guess you can’t grow up there and not like some American culinary staples. She is particularly fond of Sloppy Joes, always citing one specific instance where she ate […]

Roasted Red Pepper Orzo

Recently, my sister Sophie was studying for her second CFA exam and had less time to cook. For those that don’t know, a CFA is a professional designation of chartered financial analyst and involves 3 very in-depth exams. Due to her intensive studying, she relied on prepared food to get through the long days. She […]

Luxurious Almond Flour Brownies

A couple weekends ago, Mia and I were both craving dessert. I wanted to make a citrusy and dense almond flour cake, whereas Mia was craving some sort of  chocolate filled dessert. Realizing that neither one of us wanted to completely abandon our cravings, we decided to do what all great relationships are founded on […]

Cauliflower Rice & Beans

If you follow my blog, it should be no surprise that I love beans. I find them to be a very under-appreciated food. The convenience of canned beans means that many people have never tasted properly seasoned and cooked beans. Rice and beans are a staple of many diets across the planet. When not adequately […]


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